Holiday apartments in Hinterthal / Maria Alm

Highest level of living quality and the best of nature

Our holiday apartments in Maria Alm are all about “back to the roots”.

The apartment house UR-NATUR is located at the stream Urslau, which wakes you up early in the morning with its quiet, steady splashing giving you a prelude to a relaxing day in harmony with nature. Look forward to an extensive range of activities in both summer or winter and explore the fascinating surroundings of your room in Hinterthal / Maria Alm.

Relaxed living with stone pine quality

There are four different apartments with two separate bedrooms each at your accommodation in Hinterthal / Maria Alm.
Both have the standard and furnishing of a four-star hotel.

Individual on-room infrared warmth cabins spend pleasant relaxation after a long day in the region Hochköng.

Our stone pine beds verifiably improve your sleep and recovery quality as shown by a study of the research society Joanneum Research in Graz.
Enjoy a much deeper sleep during the first sleep cycle in particular.
It improves the vegetative recovery of your body and saves the heart up to 3,500 beats a day – that’s approximately a full hour of cardiac work!

The result: considerably higher general well-being thanks to highly concentrated pinosylvin embedded in the wood, liquid pitch and needles. It’s hardly a surprise that stone pine is also known as the queen of the Alps.

Your holidays in Maria Alm / Hinterthal

Look forward to the pleasant smell of stone pine and smart, high-class furnishing at your holiday apartments in Maria Alm / Hinterthal.


Untere Sonnleiten 4, A-5761 Maria Alm