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Apartment house UR-NATUR in Maria Alm: our philosophy

Back to the roots at your holiday home in Hinterthal

The philosophy of our apartment house UR-NATUR in Maria Alm rest on two pillars that lead you back to the roots during your holiday at our accommodation in Hinterthal.


...means origin and stands for the Ursus brown bear. This member of the bear family exclusively populated the back of the Urslautal (Hinterthal) until the 12th century. The first human settlements in this area were only documented between 1150 and 1250.

The first settlers had to spend their winters in underground caves in order to protect themselves from the iciness and the masses of snow.


Hinterthal is located in the Hochkönig mountains, thereby offering the perfect surroundings for jaunty winter and summer fun. Four equally large flats, each with a different colour theme, bring you closer to the pristine quality of the region’s nature:

Lavendel (lavender) - purple

The particularly aromatic lavender bush with its purple blossoms is ideally suited for extracting essences and oils.

Arnika (arnica) - yellow

The yellow-blossoming arnica has been used as a medical plant for various diseases ever since the 18th century.

Goldmelisse (bee balm) – red

Used as an ornamental plant, for aromatisation or as a garnish, the bee balm with its red blossoms is always an eye-catcher.

Salbei (sage) – green

With more than 900 species, the sage is of great importance all over the world as a seasoning and medical plant.

When you wake up in the metal-free stone pine beds with linen suited for allergy sufferers and move about in the barrier-free showers, the first thing you’ll hear is the quiet splashing of the brook, since your holiday home is located directly at the Urslau. Untouched natural wood and loden spread natural charm.

We are already looking forward to your non-binding enquiry and welcoming you soon at our apartment house UR-NATUR in Maria Alm / Hinterthal.

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  • Winter-SPAR-Wochen 2020

    Frisch präparierte Pisten, funkelnder und unberührter Schnee, traumhaft blauer Himmel und jede Menge Spaß.
    Jetzt gleich zum Vorteilspreis buchen: 

    7 Nächte bleiben = 6 Nächte zahlen

    04.01.2020 - 25.01.2020
    Preis: ab € 1.140,00

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  • Sonnen-SKI-Genuss-Woche 2020

    Genießen Sie die Hüttenkulinarik mit vielen Veranstaltungen in der Region Hochkönig.
    Jetzt gleich zum Vorteilspreis buchen:

    7 Nächte bleiben = 6 Nächte zahlen
    07.03.2020 - 21.03.2020
    Preis ab: € 1.140,00


    Unverbindlich AnfragenMehr Details
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