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Infrared cabin at your apartments in Maria Alm

Relaxation at your holiday home

Similar to the natural effect of the sun, the infrared heating’s infrared rays impact on the skin is immediately converted into the warmth. The increasing warmth recorded on the skin stimulates skin perfusion (blood circulation), thereby fostering the healing process of scars, sprains, contusions or inflammation. That’s why there’s an infrared cabin at the apartments in Maria Alm / Hinterthal.

After sporting activity, the infrared rays at your apartment in Maria Alm / Hinterthal reduce the regeneration period particularly relaxing the back muscles. They furthermore stimulatecirculation and metabolism.

People with chronic arthritis, rheumatism or simply the well-known “cold hands and feets” can positively impact their ailments through with the infrared cabin on their apartment.

Since mere heating of the air doesn’t raise any dust, your apartment with infrared sauna creates a very pleasant room climate.

Infrared warmth additionally supports the purification and detoxification of the body.

Infrared rays

  • increase skin perfusion
  • strengthen the immune system
  • stimulate the metabolism
  • have a purifying effect
  • do not raise any dust (very important for allergy sufferers)
  • are hygienic – no irritating draught
  • do not dry up the air
  • prevent mould formation by keeping the walls dry

Patients suffering from rheumatism react very positively to the lack of air circulation and constant humidity resulting in less pain. Asthma sufferers also benefit from the low-dust air and stable humidity.

People wearing contact lenses also feel better in this room climate thanks to the infrared cabin at their apartment in Maria Alm.

Physiotherm infrared cabin

Controlled by the brain, sweating is the A/C of our body and a vitally important process. When the body temperature threatens to rise above 37 °C due to heat or a fever, the interbrain gives the command to cool down.

Liquid leaks from around two million sweat glands creating evaporative cooling. Sweat allows the organism to secrete more than just water, but also poisons, pollutants, heavy metals and metabolism waste.

The principle of Physiotherm deep warmth at your apartment with infrared cabin in Maria Alm / Hinterthal, which is modelled after the natural heat regulation of the human body, facilitates initiating a healthy sweat in a particularly gentle and circulation-friendly manner, building up endorphins in a wonderful way.

The pleasant deep warmth actively supports the reduction of stress and its after-effects starting at as low as 30 °C – a pleasant temperature that doesn’t strain circulation. Furthermore, individual aromatic and fragrance baths in the cabin help getting rid of the daily hassles in no time.

But here’s the best part: you have a higher tolerance to stress coming out of the infrared cabin. The muscles relax noticeably helping to prevent pain symptoms in many cases.

While the back or the joins might ache at any other end of a strenuous day, this problem dissolves pretty much by itself inside the infrared cabin.

The deep warmth with pleasant, yet not overly hot temperatures gives new life energy and strongly stimulates your wellbeing. It strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system, and perceptibly fosters the metabolism.

Combine your stay at your UR-NATUR apartment with infrared cabin in Maria Alm / Hinterthal with an extra dose of relaxation and send us your non-binding enquiry today.

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